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Performance Rewards Without Risk

Our commercial and government accountable care contracts aim to help improve healthcare, reduce costs, and enhance your revenue.

MSSP: Medicare Shared Savings Program

GAPN has a Medicare Shared Savings Saving Agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, granted in the fall of 2013. Per Medicare guidelines, GAPN will:
  • Promote accountability for the care of Medicare beneficiaries
  • Require coordinated care for all services provided under Medicare Fee for Service
  • Encourage investment in infrastructure and redesigned care processes
  • The Shared Savings Program rewards ACOs that meet performance standards on quality of care while lowering healthcare costs. Participation in an ACO is purely voluntary for both physicians and patients.

HealthSpring Medicare Advantage 

GAPN, a clinically integrated network, has negoited the following contract terms with HealthSpring MA: 
  • A Higher FFS Rate for Primary Care
  • A Higher FFS Rate for Specialty Care
  • Shared Savings Bonuses for improving Quality and Total Costs