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A joint venture between Genesis and Healthways.

GenHealth will offer physician-led clinical and lifestyle management tools and services to improve individual well-being and in turn prevent, postpone and reverse disease in the population as a whole, all while lessening the cost of healthcare. Healthways, a global well-being improvement leader, brings the technological support and expertise necessary to build the robust population management platform for success under value-based contracts to supplement GAPN’s existing market offering. Learn a more about GenHealth below:

How will GenHealth support physicians and patients?
GenHealth will look to measurably improve health by supporting physicians committed to preventing, postponing and reversing disease in the population. GenHealth will set up the infrastructure for population health management as well as clinical and lifestyle well-being improvement tools, services and interventions, such as smoking cessation, weight management, heart disease reversal and health risk coaching. GenHealth will be responsible for both contracting and delivery of population management and well-being improvement services for GAPN.

Healthways will provide the well-being improvement services and technical platform required to effectively support total population health management, while GPG executive management will handle day-to-day operations for the network.

What is well-being, and what is its relationship to population health management?
Well-being is a complex interplay of elements that include an individual’s sense of purpose, social support, financial security, connection to their community and physical health. Research shows a strong link between well-being, healthcare costs and engagement in the workplace. Each point in well-being improvement equates to a statistically significant percent decrease in the likelihood of hospital admission and emergency room visits and in the likelihood of incurring healthcare costs.
Moving beyond physical health and having an informed strategy to improve well-being is the single most important thing that organizations can do to improve performance and lower health-related costs. For a community, the achievement of higher well-being for its citizens yields competitive advantage for economic development and job creation. For employers, it means greater productivity and better health in the workforce and dependent families, resulting in better business performance. For individuals, it simply means living well, longer.

Do physicains enroll in GenHealth? 
Providers who are a member of GAPN automatically become eligible for GenHealth’s suite of services.