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Our Performance

Genesis Accountable Physician Network (GAPN) relies upon data to analyze our performance and the quality of care you receive from your physician. This valuable information allows us to improve quality and coordination of care, and your experience with your physician.

Performance Data allows us to improve:

  • Patient Engagement – GAPN believes the patient is at the center of the care team, an active member that shares in the decision making process. Our physicians are encouraged to understand patient preferences and needs and we will measure patient satisfaction using patient surveys.
  • Care Coordination – Our performance include metrics to assess the usage and success of our care coordination programs. We’ll work to make sure our services are tailored to the needs of our patients and improving your overall health.
  • Use of evidence-based medicine – Our Quality Assurance and Improvement Program will promote the use of care and services that are shown to produce the best outcomes for patients.  
  • Cost and Quality – GAPN believes that high-quality, well-coordinated care can reduce costs for you and the health care system. GAPN will support a robust approach to reporting on cost and quality to ensure we are reducing costs when appropriate while promoting the best quality of care.

GAPN formed in May of 2013 and began operation in January of 2014. Metrics will be reported to the public on an annual basis, once the data collection and analysis has occurred. We estimate a report to the public will be available in January 2015.

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