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Improved care. Improved health. Improved relationships.
GAPN helps me succeed as an independent physician.
GAPN puts my health in the hands of high-quality doctors.​
Why join GAPN?
Improved care.
GAPN provides physicians with:
  • Exceptional support, which improves patient care
  • Access to practice patterns
  • More time to focus on priorities
Improved relationships.
GAPN is an ACO, which:
  • Connects local physicians
  • Improves patient care quality
  • Encourages physician efficiency while reducing costs
Improved health.
GAPN provides patients with:
  • Coordinated care from doctors and hospitals
  • Improved long-term health
  • Augmented health information
How we work
Physician Benefits
When you participate in GAPN, patients can receive a higher quality of care, and you also get rewarded.
The Measure of Success
We work as a team with doctors and patients to find smarter ways to improve healthcare.
Patient Resources
GAPN helps you and your family get what you need, inside and outside of the doctor’s office.